The Downfall of Nokia Explained in Two Graphs (That Relate to Hiring)

Fast growth companies often face this question — should we fill a position with someone from inside the company or get someone experienced from outside. The two graphs below will help illustrate when to choose one or the other and where Intel did right, and Nokia went wrong.

Lessons from Intel — In Uncertain Times Hire for Cultural Values

In High Output Management Andy Grove (the then-CEO of Intel) brings out the following point — if complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity (the CUA factor) are high, then make sure there’s cultural fit.

From “High Output Management” by Andy Grove. CUA — Complexity, Uncertainty, Ambiguity
Panic on the Titanic

Lessons from Nokia — What Happens When You Don’t Hire for Cultural Fit When Growing Fast

Nokia’s rise and fall is documented in the fascinating “Nokia Mobile: We Were Connecting People”. I recommended watching this for more background, but the short version goes as follows (spoiler alert!).

Source: Hofstede Insights
Source: Finnish Nightmares
Source: Nokia Mobile: We Were Connecting People

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